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PurpleCloud helps bring your hotel operations into the next generation with increased productivity, enhanced customer experience, & detailed analysis of operations data.

How PurpleCloud Works

To ensure your teams have all the resources they need at the touch of a button. we sync all important aspects.



to existing systems to push and pull guest and room info



tasks to staff in real-time and in any language via web-enabled smart devices



collected data for real-time adjustments and trend reporting

Connected Teams

PurpleCloud connects all of your departments on a singular mobile platform. It provides visibility into what everyone is working on and makes sure that your staff have what they need to be successful. All the while, PurpleCloud reduces radio usage and provides insight into your trends.

· Mobile Responsive (works on all smart devices)
· Real-Time Messages and Sound Alerts
· Emergency Notifications to Managers
· Available in All Languages (bi-directional translations)

Optimize Operations & Eliminate Wasteful Spend

PurpleCloud eliminates outdated methods of assigning rooms and tracking requests. Through automated room assignments, each housekeeper is delivered the perfect board. Boards are completely optimized for location and priority, eliminating any idle time that may be spent waiting for elevators or walking between floors.

No more walkie-talkies or printed agendas! Everything is tracked and updated in real-time on the robust PurpleCloud platform. Rush rooms, DNDs, Special Requests, Work Orders are easily tracked and accounted for from inception to completion.

Associate Engagement

PurpleCloud gives operators the tools to recognize and reward high performers through:
· Leaderboards
· In-app Recognition
· Departmental Contests

Encourage team-work and individual performance. Coach employees in real-time and create a system of continuous feedback. The result is engaged employees who are committed to outstanding guest service.

Overtime, you’ll also receive candidates that are perfect for promotions and provide your teams with a well-defined career path.

Powerful Results & Analytics

With an engaged workforce giving you thousands of data points throughout the year, you’re able to get ahead and identify trends affecting your bottom line. Track individual time in motion, quality inspection scores, clean times by asset type, and more! Increase guest satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

Our Full Suite for Your Full-Service

PurpleCloud's team and service optimization software platform can help hotel operators across all hotel operation departments.


Optimizing communication, response time, & reporting to make sure maintenance is running smoothly.


Auto assignment of housekeeping boards, bilingual communication, priority management, & reporting designed to keep staff on task, efficient and safe.

Front Office

Real-time statuses, easy tracking of open items, prioritization of rooms, and complete transparency into when things will be available.


Mobile task management, communication, & powerful analytics across all departments for more transparency.

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PurpleCloud is a Team and Service Optimization Software platform that can help hotel operators in a multitude of ways. Key benefits include: • Increased productivity and decreased labor costs • Enhanced customer experience • Engaged and empowered employees • Next-generation analysis of operations data for internal strategy development • Daily task prioritization, progress updates and end-of-day reports. Moreover, this single platform for all aspects of hotel operations features two-way integration with all commonly used property management systems and comprehensive property level reporting. PurpleCloud streamlines tasks and hospitality work orders to staff in real-time and in any language, while analyzing collected data for visibility reports on operational trends. This voice-to-text language feature, which works in “both directions,” is unique to PurpleCloud, ideally suited to our industry where English is a second language for many of our staff. For many hospitality organizations, this feature significantly expands the potential employee pool of highly qualified candidates.
PurpleCloud’s hotel team optimization modules include Housekeeping, Engineering, Front Office (to include front desk, switchboard and concierge), Service Person (to include house-person, laundry, valet or bellhop) and Management Dashboards and Analytics. Properties differ in the complexity of their services, organization and staff size. This modular approach allows owners and operators to match PurpleCloud functions to their needs, from a branded economy or limited service property to a one-of-a-kind, full-service luxury hotel. Starting with one module and building from there is also helpful with respect to training, resource allocation and overall implementation. Once operators see a PurpleCloud hospitality service software module in action, they will want to add more!
The PurpleCloud application runs on any mobile device and all team members have easy access to its emergency alert features. As a part of the normal housekeeping and engineering workflow upon entering a room, hotel associates can send out a blast text and push alert to all hotel team members that includes their current location. PurpleCloud’s training library allows for proper workplace training that is in video format and translated into each users native language.
We are the only hospitality service software platform focused on connecting all departments in one place at one time. Despite hotel operations being considered different departments, your hotel staff is really one team and they need to be able to work together seamlessly. Designed from the “ground up,” PurpleCloud is organized around how hotels function daily in the real world in serving guests. PurpleCloud facilitates the creation of hospitality work orders, makes frontline staff more productive, helps them communicate with each other and enhances guest satisfaction. Key features and advantages of PurpleCloud’s approach to hotel team optimization include: a real-time room dashboard with interactive filters; built-in employee recognition and incentive programs; and brand standard training tools. Instead of creating an excessively complex platform with redundant or unused functionality, the PurpleCloud development team is able to add functionality as requested by our customers. Examples of the latter include interfaces with human resources departments, employee evaluation systems or capital expenditure tracking and planning. We are agile and more receptive to customer input. Moreover, we provide value at a better price point.
PurpleCloud’s hotel team optimization platform is scalable and customizable, with a proven return on investment. Moreover, PurpleCloud is both instructive and adaptive. Our approach to service optimization software ensures that daily schedules and functions are adhered to, while its advanced data-collection and analysis helps identify short- and long-term trends that impact both guest satisfaction and profitability.
PurpleCloud’s hotel team optimization software, including its housekeeping software, is designed so that technology is at our service, making us more focused and productive, turning “chores” into accomplishments. All PurpleCloud modules are focused on employee engagement, including built-in employee recognition and incentive programs and support for brand standard training. PurpleCloud’s icon system and multi-language capabilities have proven to foster quick adoption in the field by a wide range of hospitality staff. This includes older staff less familiar or comfortable with newer technologies. We are the only hospitality service software platform that focuses this strongly on employee engagement. PurpleCloud was created with hotel employees in mind and our user interface truly reflects that. In addition to initial implementation with the PurpleCloud Technologies team, we have partnered with a leading training entity for outsourced staff training.
This is an excellent question, one that all hospitality organizations today must consider as we look to technology to help us work smarter and faster at less cost. PurpleCloud’s service optimization software provides unique functionality within the hospitality technology spectrum and has delivered a proven return on investment to the hotel owners and operators with whom we currently work. It is designed to enhance the delivery of services, up-front with guests and behind the scenes, while introducing a new level of operational problem solving. In use, PurpleCloud has led to innovations in housekeeping scheduling and efficiency, preventive maintenance and similar functional areas.
PurpleCloud is available through a number of all-inclusive packages, as well as with per-module pricing. Our Risk-Free Contracts mean that you don’t pay unless your team is happy with PurpleCloud.
We are constantly studying the hotel environment and looking for ways to improve operations for staff and management, includes for the issuing of hospitality work orders. We understand that advanced technologies like ours can be applied to other areas of hospitality, including security or guest interaction. At present, we are considering strategic alliances with specialists in those areas.
Global: Easy-to-learn, with an icon-driven interface. Can further train and communicate in any language. Smooth operator: We focus on promoting a positive manager-employee relationship. Inside-out: PurpleCloud has been created and developed by hotel people who appreciate all of the details that go into expertly and effectively running a hotel. Smart Software: Not only identifies negative trends but corrects and automates solutions. “Gamification”: Leaderboards, goal setting; in-app rewards; and bonuses: we make the employee experience accountable—and fun—through friendly competition. Simplify: One tool for all departments: always coordinated; always accountable.

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