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Introducing Cielo 2.0!

One Hotel Software Platform For All Hotel Operations


Now web-based, hosted in our secure cloud, and device agnostic!

Collect Data

As your hotel staff complete their tasks, they generate thousands of data points regarding your operations. We capture all of that data.

Analyze trends

From that data, we begin to find patterns. We measure and display those patterns for your management teams in our reports.

Decide Strategically

When you have real information regarding your operations, you are able to find ways to make changes that can result in significant cost savings.



How Cielo Works

Cielo is one software platform that is comprised of four modules that work seamlessly together in real-time. We integrate with your hotels' PMS to provide the fastest access to room status and guest information possible. Cielo is accessed through any web browser so it's easily accessible for your entire staff! Real-time communication at your fingertips, major productivity and bottom line savings right around the corner.

Housekeeping Module

Cielo's housekeeping application software displays room statuses and guest information in real-time and helps your team stay on track with hotel priorities.
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Hotel Manager Module

Cielo's hotel management application software keeps all hotel operations managers aware of all departmental activity such as real-time room statuses, staff locations, hotel priorities, and more.
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Engineering Module

Cielo's engineering application software helps manage your maintenance team with real-time work-orders, preventive maintenance checklists, and access to room status information.
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Front Office Module

Cielo's front office application software keeps your front desk and PBX staff aware of everything they need to get your guests in their rooms fast and happy.
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Benefits of Cielo

The only hotel system with truly real-time information


Training tutorials and built-in incentive programs boost both employee and guest satisfaction.


Never deny potential revenue again. Cielo software helps get guests into their rooms faster, cuts wasteful costs, and ensures billing for in-room billables.


Improves associate productivity by providing the absolute fastest access to room data and pertinent hotel information.


Eliminates lengthy paper reports, and helps you achieve your eco-friendly missions.

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