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Gamified Service Optimization Meets Enterprise Performance Management

What our happy clients have to say:

"PurpleCloud has allowed our team to communicate with other departments effectively and with accuracy. It is a great asset enabling us to track productivity and limit overtime.

Gamification has brought an additional element to an already excellent system. It allows us to provide a fun way to identify team members who are productive and consistent."

Alex Williams

Operations Manager at Marriott Vacation Club

What does a rewarding experience look like?

Less Stress

We automate tedious and inefficient processes in order to keep teams focused on the hotel’s priorities.

  • Room assignments
  • Task assignments
  • Prioritization of requests
  • Real-time transparency

More Empowerment

Ensure your team members have what they need to do their job in the most effective and efficient way.

  • Real-time information
  • On-demand training
  • Translatable team chat

More Recognition

Our platform is fully gamified to help inspire and motivate your team to achieve excellence. 

  • Gamification of hotel goals
  • Earn points for achieving goal contributing actions
  • Leaderboards with encouragement features
  • Perks & prizes

Our two products work seamlessly together to establish and then deliver upon your key hotel goals

1. Service Optimization

A rewarding experience for:
Housekeeping, Engineering, Front Office, Service, Valet, Room Service, Minibar, Turndown

2. Performance Management

Connecting management with their on-property associates
to educate., to motivate., to recognize., to celebrate., to reward.


Why Gamification?

Gamification enables hoteliers to encourage employees to complete tasks more efficiently and effectively, while also providing them with a more engaging and enjoyable work experience.

Track performance, identify areas for improvement, and reward high-performing employees. 

Highly motivated employees deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Gamification positively impacts employee retention rates in the hospitality industry. By incorporating gamified elements into training programs and providing ongoing feedback and recognition, employees feel more connected to their roles, resulting in increased loyalty and reduced turnover.

Gamification has been shown to enhance productivity in the hospitality industry. By setting clear goals, tracking progress, and rewarding achievements, employees are motivated to complete tasks more efficiently. This results in significantly improved productivity and task completion rates.

Gamification has been reported to increase employee engagement in the hospitality industry. By introducing game-like elements such as challenges, rewards, and leaderboards, employees report feeling more motivated and enthusiastic about their work.

Gamification contributed to higher employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry. By making work more enjoyable and providing immediate feedback and recognition, employees often experience increased job satisfaction. This has shown to positively impact their overall experience and willingness to go the extra mile for guests.

What can we gamify?


We apply gamification to essential business tasks that hotels are trying to improve upon. Here’s a few examples of our most popular gamified operations tasks.



Room Quality



Clean Time Efficiency



Workorder Reporting



Workorder Completion



Going Above and Beyond




Why PurpleCloud?

Because we believe a people-first industry needs a people-first software platform.

Our team has worked in all hotel operations departments.  We understand the hospitality industry on a level that is hard to achieve without having “been there and done that”.   Our Board of Directors includes several major hotel brand CIOs and EVPs. Because of this, we have created a best in class optimization platform, that is highly customizable for all the unique circumstances that arise within hospitality, scalable, and secure. We back it up with 5-star customer support. 

Highly Innovative

We are always working on making hospitality the best it can be. We listen to our clients and are constantly releasing incredible new features

Best in class software

Because of our constant innovation and industry experience we’ve created a truly unique hospitality platform that goes way beyond traditional service optimization platforms.

Here's a few of our happy hotels

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Real-Time Integrations

We integrate with the leading hospitality vendors. We’re always adding new integrations so please contact us if you don’t see one that you need. 

More Fantastic Integrations Underway!



All while creating a
rewarding experience
for all that walk through your doors.

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