Super Bowl


We’re closing in on one of the biggest sports events of the year. February 4th will bring large crowds and eager sports fans to their local hot spots so that they can be part of the energy.  


Do you have a plan to be the place that people want to go that night?


You should!


There are more than just monetary reasons why this is an opportunity for your hotel. Big sports events allow you the ability to showcase your hotel’s personality/culture in a unique way. Your in-house guests will love it, your local community can be a part of it, and your reputation will grow because of it. 


So make a plan to have some fun and get ready to enjoy the rewards of being Super-Bowl ready!


Oh yeah, and GO EAGLES!


Warning: Philly bias ahead…


Here are 6 ways to make your hotel the place to be on Super Bowl Sunday:


1. Add Super Bowl Specials to your bar menu


2. Take a “Who Will Win” poll 

  • Have hotel guests vote for who they think are going to win, and display the results in the lobby as people vote.

  • Give out some colorful candy as they vote.

    • Green for Eagles

    • Blue for Patriots

    • A neutral color for Justin Timberlake’s half-time performance

3. Invite in the local scene:

  • This day provides a HUGE revenue potential for F&B. People will drink and eat with friends for several hours. Make sure you have some good specials to entice local sports fans. 

  • If you have a great sports bar, try promoting your bar on social media (targeting your local population) to get people into the hotel for the event. Let them know why they should come (bar specials, etc.)


4. Stay and Play Promotion:

  • With a food and 1 or 2-night stay promotion you may be able to pick up a good amount of room nights if your occupancy is low for the night.

  • Don’t forget this holiday is one of the worst for traffic accidents, so invite people to stay and drink responsibly at your hotel. 

5. Watch Party:

(Extended Stay and Limited Service Hotels)

  • Do you have a large breakfast space or an empty meeting room? Use it! Throw a small super bowl party for people from out-of-town who may really want to watch the game but may not know the area or want to go to a bar by themselves

  • ​Bring out the projector or setup your largest TV screen to show the game.

  • Add some snacks and drinks (if you have the liquor license to do so).

6. Partner with a local sports bar

  • If you don’t have the space or interest to throw a watch party, try partnering with a local sports bar to provide your guests with a fun option to watch the game.

  • The bar may give your guests a discount or your hotel a referral bonus. If nothing else, maybe some free food for your staff as a “thanks for sending people our way” gesture… 🙂 



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