The idea of having access to the services of a concierge (apartment building, hotel, office center) has been long associated with a luxury or upscale lifestyle.
However, in the modern hospitality setting, the hotel concierge (or a front desk person assuming those duties) has become a vital part of hotel operations and guest satisfaction for a wide range of property types. Thoughtful, individualized, responsive service can create the personal experience that many guests have come to expect, even at smaller, standardized brand properties.
An article earlier this year in Hotel News Now about the concierge role in an Internet age identified two key issues in the modern hotel setting:
• The first, noted by Robert Marks, president of Les Clefs d’Or USA, the national association of hotel concierges, is that “The work of the concierge is definitely changing from what it used to be; we are the filter of information from the internet. Guests will come to us, for instance, with the names of three restaurants they found on different websites and ask us which would be best suited for them.”
• Additionally, as suggested earlier in this post, the concierge role or function may be distributed or assumed among several employees, “who add those responsibilities to their other ones around the hotel.”
Fortunately, service optimization software is now helping the concierge or comparable front desk person with these tasks, allowing them to achieve greater accuracy, speed, personalization and completeness. Such hospitality service software further improves communications between management and frontline staff, as well as among staff members responsible for guest services. Rewards for meeting task completion goals or other employee incentive programs can be built right into the software platform.
With the enhanced cooperation provided by hotel task software, guests benefit from the combined skills, experience and knowledge of property staff and fewer guest issues, if any, “fall between the tracks.” Increasingly, in the world of hospitality, “high tech, high touch” does apply.

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