Physical maintenance of a hotel property is a significant ongoing operating expense; and an important, often under-appreciated factor in ensuring a safe environment.
Not to mention, should a light switch go bad or a toilet start leaking, guests have every right to expect a prompt, properly done and professional response from the hotel engineering staff.
An article earlier this year on emphasized how hotel operators must focus on preventive maintenance to keep a hotel running well.
Areas of common concern noted by the author include electrical issues, lighting, plumbing, HVAC systems, floors, furniture and the exterior.
Fortunately, today’s hotel team service optimization software platforms can manage preventive and active maintenance for property managers and their engineering departments, including assisting with room inspections, maintenance work orders, ordering of needed supplies and tracking of completions.
The advantages and possibilities of the engineering module of a hotel team optimization platform include a real-time display of room status, so that building engineers know when a room is vacant, while the front desk knows when a room is being worked on; and tagging hospitality work orders and completions with pictures of the repair or service issue. We replace easily lost, maybe hard to read paper work orders with electronic communication and digital tracking.
Moreover, the machine learning aspects of hospitality service software can identify recurring maintenance issues and suggest solutions or further problem-solving approaches, such as looking into the quality of replacement parts being used, fit issues or a need for better training.
In this way, hotel operators can reduce operating expense; improve communication among on-site property managers, the front desk, housekeepers and the engineering staff; and enhance the guest experience.
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