Call it a sign of maturation mixed with puzzlement. We are morphing quickly along a seemingly inevitable path from the Information Age to a Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) one. As we do, more and more observers are expressing concern over how entities of all sizes will manage the incredible amounts and constant stream of data that are now made available to us – as frontline operators; as property and asset managers; as human resources and other administrators; and as owners and investors.


Privacy and security issues, aside, will we just drown in all this data? Will we over-analyze and under-achieve? Just how far must we go in keeping up with our competitors? The progression has been so swift, there’s almost a feeling that we could fall right off some lofty data cliff if we aren’t careful.


Clearly, many key hospitality executives, from an organization’s IT administrator or revenue manager to financial analysts, are and will be excellent stewards of modern data and some of the advanced technologies and analyses that they fuel.


But what about the hotel front desk personnel, the concierge, maintenance personnel, a housekeeper, or a cook or a waiter in the restaurant? What is the technology “role” for our frontline staff as we move forward? How might the advance of technology impact hiring and training, job efficiency or job satisfaction? How can we best incorporate the entire hospitality team in what can be some exciting times and possibilities for our use of technology?


For more, read her full article, Big Data and Advanced Technologies: What Role for Frontline Staff, on the HBR website.



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