For a fast growing hospitality organization that is adding many owned or managed properties to its portfolio, success does have its challenges. In particular, it is extremely important to maintain effective communications, both to disseminate important information such as policies and procedures, as well as to ensure that the staff understands that “you are not forgotten.”
Some strategies to improve communications within an organization during periods of accelerated growth were discussed in an article on the web site.
While the article especially addresses the complex dynamics whereby “new positions are formed and old positions are closed,” sometimes, the challenge for us in hospitality is as simple as the increase in physical distances between properties. It is no longer as easy to drive to a nearby property or get on a plane and visit one further afield to chat up the general manager and staff and listen to any concerns. Also, a single executive may be responsible for a greater number of properties and have many more people to know.
Fortunately, today’s newer hospitality service software platforms can help with communications, using smart tech to achieve high touch. The advantages and potentials of this approach include:
• Communication modes, including multilingual talk and text, are built into many hotel team and task optimization platforms
• Staff today is already receptive to texts, emails or video conferencing as a means of communications
• Messaging can be one-on-one or directed to specific work groups, whether its general managers, directors or sales, engineering staff or housekeeping supervisors
• Hospitality task platforms can maintain a record of this messaging, as well as hospitality work orders as assigned and completed
• This is a great way to leverage one’s investment in technology.
Of course, service optimization software is the medium by which we can maintain strong and effective communications within a rapidly growing organization. It is the responsibility of leadership to craft the messages that bridge physical and metaphorical distances, sustaining the organization’s mission and vision.

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