Finding good people for frontline staff is a perpetual challenge for the hospitality industry. It is complicated by today’s tight labor market and the subtle people skills required of anyone working so intimately with consumers, as when caring for guests. Naturally, the latter factor has often found hotel managers preferring to hire those individuals who already have strong industry experience.
Still, there is one solution to closing the labor gap: hire newcomers to hospitality. This approach was discussed by a panel at a recent Independent Lodging Conference, as reported on by Hotel News Now.
Among the advantages endorsed by the panel, they agreed that newcomers can bring fresh ideas and creativity that “more than offsets the challenges of managing those unfamiliar with the hotel industry.”
Newcomers may also harbor less preconceptions, or bad attitudes, about hospitality as they bring new ideas and attitudes to employment.
Overcoming obstacles. With newcomers, there may be may be extra work for hospitality organizations in the hiring process, training and early days on the job. However, today’s technologies, including hotel task optimization platforms, can help with hiring and, then, bring workers up to speed more quickly, both during training and on-the-job past initial training.
Moreover, hospitality service software can improve task effectiveness, enhance confidence and job satisfaction, and better identify both peak performers and those needing extra training.
For example, housekeeping is one of the most-time consuming and detailed oriented hotel tasks. Housekeeping software can schedule room assignments, provide room cleaning guidelines, monitor housekeeper progress, keep a record of completions and inspections, and, even, alert when a housekeeper needs extra help to get back on schedule. Thus, these systems help achieve one of the pillars of guest satisfaction—a clean and well-prepared guest room.
A safe team. Safety features are also being built into these platforms, so that housekeepers in particular, who often work in isolation, can issue a panic alert should an emergency arise, including untoward guest behaviors. The hospitality housekeeping software also can make the new employee feel that they are the part of something larger and more responsible for the overall success of the entire hotel’s operation, from front desk to housekeeping to engineering.
Similar approaches can accelerate task accomplishment and accuracy in areas like hospitality work orders for room repairs, or front desk or service person response to guest requests.
So, with service optimization technologies that can bring new efficiencies, along with a proven return on investment, bring those newcomers on.
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