Technology is significantly impacting nearly every area of hospitality.


This includes obvious ones like brand and property web sites; guest reservation and communication systems; revenue management systems; and in-room Internet and entertainment as well as others that are less obvious to the average guest.


In the latter group, we can include technology for computerized HVAC systems, security systems, housekeeping and engineering, hotel operations and management, staff recruiting and other human resources functions, right on to all phases of financial planning and reporting.


Competitive targets keep moving and potential budget allocations keep growing. How can we make the right choices and successfully implement these technologies, which are expensive up-front investments and subsequently ongoing expense items, for all hospitality organizations? Areas to consider include prospecting of potential technologies, the purchasing decision, “selling” the technology to all stakeholders and those who will be using it daily, training and implementation, and identifying who “manages” the technology.


In this article, we will focus primarily on the first part of this strategic process, identifying and evaluating technologies and making the purchase decision. Among our considerations are the pitfalls that organizations should navigate around, which include avoiding costly and confusing redundancies or early obsolescence.


For more, read her full article, Being a Smart Buyer When Purchasing Hotel Technology, on the HBR website, or download a PDF copy of it here.


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