PurpleCloud was featured in a new Hotel Management article by Elliott Mest entitled, “Hotel employee safety devices not ‘one size fits all.’” In the article, Mest writes:


“A number of hotels already have functioning ESDs in the hands of their employees, they just weren’t marketed with that feature in mind. Purple Cloud Technologies, a developer of workforce management software, offers an alert button in its prepared suite of tools, which also includes an instant messenger, scheduling and work-order organization.


Adria Levtchenko, CEO and co-founder of Purple Cloud, said she came up with the idea for a preinstalled panic button while working at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott. When developing the Purple Cloud app, Levtchenko’s team added the ability to structure an alert with information for recipients, or to send the alert quickly with a generic message.


“We’re connected to the airport,” she said. “What if there were some suspicious luggage sitting around? What if someone mixed bleach and ammonia in a guestroom? Sometimes it’s not a normal emergency, sometimes you want more detail.”


Mest continues: “Levtchenko said the greatest challenge hoteliers have when implementing mobile security systems is deciding who will respond in the event of an emergency, particularly in smaller hotels. Purple Cloud provides phones to hotels for employees who don’t have them, but they can’t provide physical security staff.”


“When that button is pressed you need a formal procedure in place, almost like a fire drill,” Levtchenko said. “This is a new topic across the industry, and there are a few standardized processes already that I encourage those interested to seek out.”


To read the full article, please visit the Hotel Management website.


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