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Flawless operations behind hotel management almost always equates to Guest Satisfaction. However, this industry is not only notorious for it’s dynamic work environment but also its absolute dependence on the collective group effort of each and every team within the staff. With that said, oversight of all hotel operations and seamless hotel management is becoming increasingly difficult as this thriving industry continues to grow.  

That’s why we’ve created Cielo, our hospitality management software that collects all data points conducted by your staff through our mobile app. With the data, we are able to provide you with comprehensive hotel analytics. Accurate intelligence to lead your business. Empower your hotel management team to do more and be more.

Business Intelligence Reports

Many people say knowledge is power. While in some cases that may be true, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to refine that statement. We don’t believe knowledge itself permits power, instead, the understanding of how to utilize that knowledge is where the power really derives from.  

We offer several pre-determined reports, hotel analytics that can touch upon any facet of your business. Whether your looking for viable locations to cut costs, evaluate business productivity, monitor inventory and supplies or simple assurance in making calculated decisions with proper business forecasting, Purplecloud Hotel Software is available to you.  

Inform us of your goals, and let us help you get there. The knowledge and the power, all at your fingertips.

Property-Level Analytics

Maintenance Issues

Inventory Management

Room Inspections

Other Analytics Featured in Cielo

Workorder Volumes

  • Identify the most common issues
  • Quantify issue costs
  • Identify problem areas  

Guest Request Data

  • Identify the most common requests
  • Adjust standard room amenities
  • Improve overall guest satisfaction  

Associate Productivity

  • Analyze task completion time
  • Identify optimal employee workload
  • Implement cost effective scheduling

Room Inspection Scores

  • Implement quality assurance goals
  • Analyze scores of specific associates
  • Identify issues & tailor training

Success Of New Intiatives

  • Gauge adoption of new initiatives
  • Identify key success factors
  • Evaluate revenue & savings

In Room Billables

  • Track purchase volumes
  • Recover revenue
  • Optimize pricing



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