PurpleCloud CR (Covid Response)

PurpleCloud is donating PurpleCloud CR (Covid Response) to all hotels interested in rapidly scaling their new safety procedures.

We are committed to helping our industry open safely and quickly by offering this version for free to help as many hotels as we can.

We’ve pre-loaded expert materials into PurpleCloud CR to help jumpstart your team’s reopening procedures.

Within PurpleCloud CR your teams will be able to:

  1. Complete COVID-19 checklists (created with Ecolab and CDC guidelines)
  2. View COVID-19 training materials (videos, images, and PDFs)
  3. Send messages to departments or associates directly in order to avoid face-to-face communication
  4. Send and view images of items around the property
  5. Print or export checklist results to guests for full transparency of safety measures
  6. Conduct contact tracing measures in the event of an ill guest or employee.
  7. Go “on break” in a timed manner and view how many people are already currently in the break room.

To learn more about PurpleCloud CR, view our detailed overview of PurpleCloud CR here. 

If you’d like to sign up your hotel(s) for our free version, please fill out the contact form below.

We look forward to helping your guests stay safe and your employees work safe. After you fill out the form a support agent from PurpleCloud will be in touch with your hotel’s unique login ID shortly.


This version will be launching officially on May 15th, but we are beginning signup and on-boarding now. 


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We want to help as many hotels as possible recover as quickly as possible.

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