Engineering Management Re-Engineered

The engineering team can often be the make-it or break-it team of the guest experience. Your hotel aims to have equipment checked in advance but things breaking is completely unavoidable.

Your engineers need the tools to get their job done in the least amount of time when these unavoidable events occur. Using PurpleCloud, workorders are dispatched instantly to the right engineer. There are even pictures attached so that your engineers can ensure they have the right tools with them when they go take care of the issue.

The Best Engineering App for Best-In-Class Engineering Teams


Diverse engineering team? We have you covered with two-way translations. Every word on our app is translated into the engineer's preferred language. They can use speech-to-text features to describe what they need and messages will show up to the recipient in their preferred language.

Real-time Statuses

It's difficult to get into rooms when they are occupied, but with PurpleCloud your engineering teams have a way to quickly identify vacant rooms so they know that they can get started with preventative maintenance or any work that needs to be done in those rooms. If an urgent workorder is assigned to them, they can save what they've already done, address the workorder, and resume the maintenance when they come back. All the while, the rest of the hotel is aware of what's been started and what's been completed.

Photo Capabilities

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our program knows it. We encourage team members to take pictures of things that are broken so that your team can fulfill workorders in the quickest time possible.

Preventative Maintenance

Engineers are assigned a list of rooms to inspect over a period of time. They can see which rooms they've started, which rooms they've finished, and which rooms still need to be inspected.


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