Blow Guest Expectations Out of this World

Want to increase the efficiency of your front office operations? Cielo gives your front office the fastest access to operational data, so they can spend less time radioing, and more time making a great impression.

How It Works

At The Start Of The Day

  • Cielo shows a dashboard of all of your hotel’s rooms in real-time via our two-way integration with your hotel’s property management system.
  • Front office can also prioritize the rooms and items they need based on the hotel’s demands.

While Working

  • Front office associates can communicate and dispatch tasks such as important guests requests and maintenance items directly with the staff members responsible.
  • As the day progresses, they can monitor the progress of the items they sent out and even view locations of the assigned associates.

At The End Of The Day

  • The front office staff can easily monitor the day’s operations to ensure all items have been completed before ending their shift.
  • All information gets compiled into daily reports for the front office to look through if they would like to see more information on specific items.