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How to Make your Hotel Win the Super Bowl

How to Make your Hotel Win the Super Bowl We're closing in on one of the biggest sporting events of the year. February 4th will bring large crowds and eager sports fans to their local hot spots so that they can be part of the energy.  Do you have a plan to be the hotel that […]

Digital Keys Unlock the Doors to a New Trend

I took a trip to Washington, D.C. in high school, and stayed at an amazing hotel. However, the room key never worked! It was constantly demagnetized by our permanently attached phones. The front desk associate probably knew all of our names by the end of our two night stay. But gone are the days where […]

3 Ways to Utilize the Hotel Concierge

Before we talk about how to utilize the hotel concierge, learn why they are an important part of the hotel here. With the blooming of technology, travelers are prone to ask Siri where the best cheese steak is in the Philadelphia Area. But Siri has never tasted a cheese steak before and will try to […]

4 Tips for Hotels during a Blizzard

There was a huge blizzard recently, named Winter Storm Jonas. According to this article in The Washington Post, “this storm is tied for fourth snowiest on record in D.C.” And luckily, we were there to experience it! We happened to be training a hotel in Washington D.C., arriving a couple days before the storm and leaving a couple […]

How to Navigate Hotel Reviews

Navigating hotel reviews online can often be very difficult, as review posts can carry a plethora of contradictory statements and dubious assertions. However in reading many hotel reviews and evaluating ratings, there are several takeaways that can help you form better observations and conclusions about hotels based on the reviews read.   The Overall Rating   Before even reading […]

4 Reasons Hotels Need Small Housekeeping Carts

Hotel carts are necessary for housekeepers to work. With carts, there is no need for them to constantly walk back and forth between supply and cleaning closets located away from the room. They have everything they need rolling behind them. But some hotels are still stuck on those huge, bulky janitor carts that are impossible […]

Why Your Hotel’s Front Desk and Concierge Matter Most

While there are many different aspects of the hotel experience that impact overall customer satisfaction, such as room functionality, cleanliness, and amenities, nothing beats a hotel’s first impression. A hotel’s first impression can immediately shape how a customer perceives the hotel's overall service quality. This is why a hotel’s concierge and front desk are among […]

3 Steps to Ensure Hotel Guest Satisfaction

Prime location and friendly staff faces, while appreciated by guests, are in no way the chief determining factors for overall hotel guest satisfaction. Room functionality and service quality are key. Based on the ample repository of consumer feedback available through the Internet and by word of mouth, I have noticed similarities in the weight guests […]
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