Manage your maintenance items and staff flawlessly

Provide your engineers with a tool to access to the information that they need in real-time.


How It Works

At The Start Of The Day

  • Cielo shows engineers a snapshot of their daily responsibilities, critical information to be aware of, and department goals.
  • Engineers also receive preventative maintenance room assignments in real-time via our two-way integration with your hotel’s property management system.

While Working

  • While working within a room, engineers are able to complete work-orders, request needed resources, and record notes on individual tasks.
  • As each task is completed, Cielo checks it off of the engineer’s list, updates the rest of the hotel staff, and collects operational data about the task.

At The End Of The Day

  • Cielo aggregates the data that is collected throughout the day and displays it on the homescreen in the form of a built-in incentive program.
  • Engineers are able to review their day and ensure that all of their tasks have been completed.